Industry update

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CEO Breakfast

On September 15th, IHS Rwanda launched the monthly MD’s Breakfast Meeting. It was an interactive session between the MD and staff from various departments – the conversation focused on our business and the general working environment.

Management field visit to northern region

On September 22nd the senior management team carried out a site visit to the Northern province. Satisfactory site maintenance in the area was noted and decisions on further site improvement were taken.

TGIF and Birthday celebration

On July 7th IHS Rwanda had a TGIF and birthday celebration to acknowledge our 2.0 tenancy ratio achievement and discuss the next challenge for Rwanda in hopes of continued growth and development.


 On Saturday 29 July, IHS Rwanda sponsored a community service clean-up initiative, called “Umuganda” in Nduga sector, Gasabo District. Umuganda is a national community service effort that is  celebrated on the last Saturday of each month where close to 80% of Rwandans take part in various types of community building activities. The day-long activity included a major neighbourhood clean-up to help eradicate mosquito breeding areas in support of malaria prevention. The initiative was done in partnership with residents of Musezero Village, Muremure Cell, Nduba Sector and Gasabo district.


Rwanda Update

Internal initiatives


World Humanitarian Day (WHD)

To commemorate WHD, IHS Rwanda staff visited the pediatric ward at the Muhima Hospital on August 25th  to distribute food and other items. Staff members also paid the hospital bills for some patients in dire need of financial support.

Generator Recycling Programme

IHS Rwanda launched its Generator Recycling Programme earlier this year. In Q3, the team donated three generators to two schools and one health centre including Ecole de sciences de Gisenyi (720 students), Inyeramihigo College (804 students) and Mudende Health Centre in Rubavu (30,000 patients), in Western Province.

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