Q1 Newbie

Briefly tell us about yourself.

My name is Brenda Iriah and I hold a degree in Civil and Energy Engineering from the University of Birmingham.


Briefly tell us about your career progression.

My career started as a Facilities Engineer at Oando Energy Resources, from there I moved on to IHS Towers as an ISAP Graduate Trainee in May 2017.


What is your experience at IHS Towers so far?

I came into IHS Towers as a graduate Trainee where I gained a holistic knowledge about the business that we are involved in. It’s really been an interesting journey so far, rounding up with my deployment to the Commercial Department as a Billing Process Analyst.


Part of gaining this holistic knowledge required me to come up with a CSR Initiative as part of IHS’ 2018 CSR Plan. The idea I put forward was a “Small-scale Rural Bio Digester Deployment”.  This idea was borne out of the significant energy deficits around the country especially in rural communities, the problem lies in the fact that the villagers lack access to electricity and affordable, accessible clean cooking fuels and this idea will hopefully bridge the gap.


A small-scale bio digester will be able to help villagers access clean and affordable energy. This is possible through the creation of energy from biomass. A constructed anaerobic digester will be able to use household waste like food, animal waste and human waste to produce biogas and slurry. Pit latrines can even be connected to the system which will enable it turn human waste into biogas.


It provides a safe treatment of human, household and food waste, thereby improving the hygienic situations of families affected. Indoor air pollution and smoke inhalation caused by smoke from firewood stoves which would otherwise lead to health issues such as respiratory illnesses and eye diseases will be greatly reduced as biogas when burning does not produce smoke. One of the by-products of this biogas production- digestate, is a nutrient rich sludge which can be used as fertilizer for farming in these villages. This digestate can be packaged and sold to create revenue for the communities.


This idea got chosen and is now in the planning stages. I believe in this idea and I hope that with continued implementation, it will be a success and the numerous benefits associated with it will be realized for various communities around Nigeria.


How do your co-workers see you?

If my co-workers were asked for their opinion of me, I think the consensus would be that I am highly-motivated with excellent problem-solving, communication and interpersonal skills.


What are your hobbies and other interests?

In my spare time, I enjoy reading books and travelling