HSE Regional Visits and Site Inspections


The HSE team had two (2) regional visits in Ibadan (11th January and 10th March) and in Asaba (14th and 15th February 2018). In each of the regions, the team had presentations and interactive sessions separately with the Management Team, Drivers, and various employees.


o The focus was on achieving HSE objectives and areas of concern mainly, fire safety, provision and use of PPE, incident reporting, safe systems of work, vehicle maintenance, etc.

• Fire Evacuation Drills.

o Drills were conducted in both regions to determine the preparedness, response approach, and time to evacuate the office buildings in fire emergency cases. Response time in both cases was less than 5 minutes.

• Safe Driving Sensitization and Alcohol Testing.

o A session was held with the drivers as part of our Safe Driving Program Awareness on our Safe Driving, and Alcohol and Drug Policies was done. Alcohol tests was carried out and all drivers tested were below limit.

• Site inspections were done in Ibadan (5 sites) and Asaba (7 sites) checking for housekeeping, noise levels, emissions, waste management.

Fire drill in Ibadan office

Fire drill in Asaba office

Alcohol tests for drivers using breathalyzer